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  • ‘Floating Tile’ mounted in Ultravue glass

    Say it with flowers šŸ’…. My customer wanted to display a piece of glass she had made on a glass workshop. I used a technique to float it on another piece of glass with Ultravue 70% UV anti reflective glazing so as to be invisible. The flower tile appears to float in the frame
  • Brian Little Photographs framed

      This handsome pair of frames contain photographs taken by local photographer Brian Little at Winchester Cathedral. I love the flooded crypt containing an Anthony Gormley figure reflected in the still water. More information regarding his photography can be fopund at:- Brian Little Photography
  • Classic use of black frame

    Just like the little black dress a black frame will never go out of fashion and will always look good on the right image. French chic….
  • Framed picture of suasage dog to comlement Picasso!

    I had this mounted picture in my art browser and a lady fell in love with it. She already had the Picasso sausage dog picture so it will be displayed alongside. I framed it to match
  • MBE Framing

    Itā€™s not everyday that you get an MBE to frame. This was a very precious document for the family whose father had recently passed away. The certificate itself (see photo) is a very plain document indeed and it requires the framing to give it that air of importance. The suede mount boards are a good […]
  • Topping Out Ceremony

    Itā€™s good to see that the work I have completed in the past and then taken time to apply it to and maintain a website sometimes pays off. A large building company in London contacted me directly as a result of seeing frames on my website created for a Topping Out Ceremony. This is traditionally […]
  • Hand painted LP

    How to frame an LP that had been painted as part of a GCSE art exam so that both sides could be viewed? That was the brief from the customer. It was decided to photograph one side of the LP and then have a print made . This could then be framed side by side […]
  • Hand decorated mount board bevel

    This wedding photo was bought to me in digital form on a memory stick. I was able to recommend an online photographic printers and show my customers 11 examples of various papers that The PrintSpace.co.uk could print their special picture on. They returned a few days later with praise for the efficient service they had […]
  • The Hampshire Police and Fire Heritage Trust

    The Hampshire Police and Fire Heritage Trust will soon be opening a new and exciting museum within the Solent Sky Museum, Albert Road South, Southampton. Many historical artefacts and photographs will be on display to the public for the first time. We are very grateful to We Frame It for their excellent work in restoring […]
  • Memorobilia Collection of old tax discs

    A wonderful collection of tax discs was bought into me dating back through the licensing and ownership of a moped. The customer wanted a contemporary look to display all 16 discs. A multi circular aperture mount was cut in British racing green completed with an oak frame and non reflective glass.
  • Decorative cushion cover

    The customer requested this piece of textile (possibly once a purely decorative cushion cover) reduced in size and didn’t want a mount around it. This meant a fillet was used just under the edges to keep the beadwork from touching the glass. A narrow box was constructed at the back to hold the stretched tapestry […]
  • Early 19thc Oil painting

    An early 19th century oil painting on canvas was without both its gold circular mount and frame. Having cut a new circular mount it left a white bevelled edge which I hand coloured. With a new gold distressed frame and papered back the painting was once again complete.
  • Army painting

    I do have some challenging items brought in by customers from time to time and none more so then this large piece of War Art dating from 1938. It was a cartoon of my customerā€™s father leaving his horse regiment in Palestine to join the newly formed tank regiment in Europe. The picture was unusual […]
  • A BEFOREā€¦ and AFTERā€¦ Story

    Set of prints by Lionel Edwards. I found and bought a collection of these prints falling apart at my local boot sale in a sorry state of broken frames, glass and badly foxed paper. I took them all apart and restored the paper by removing the foxing which enabled the small picture drawn in the […]
  • Antique Oriental Silk paintings

    A long journey for these Oriental silk paintings. Four silks depicting the seasons arrived in my studio in a very delicate state having already been shipped back from New Zealand. I was able to offer advice to the customer concerning their conservation before I could frame them. One had been disturbed and broken away along […]
  • Cat cross stitch framed in an antique door

    I started the cross stitch several years ago and when it was nearly finished I had to consider how to frame it.Ā  I found an antique door that was badly distressed lying around in my husband’s furniture restoration workshop.Ā  It was in very poor condition but I recognized that the aperture in the door was […]
  • A Royal letter

    A customers letter from the Queen was worthy of a frame to keep it safe and show it off instead of tucked away in a drawer.

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