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Restored frames

  • A BEFORE… and AFTER… Story

    Set of prints by Lionel Edwards. I found and bought a collection of these prints falling apart at my local boot sale in a sorry state of broken frames, glass and badly foxed paper. I took them all apart and restored the paper by removing the foxing which enabled the small picture drawn in the […]
  • Antique Oriental Silk paintings

    A long journey for these Oriental silk paintings. Four silks depicting the seasons arrived in my studio in a very delicate state having already been shipped back from New Zealand. I was able to offer advice to the customer concerning their conservation before I could frame them. One had been disturbed and broken away along […]
  • Cat cross stitch framed in an antique door

    I started the cross stitch several years ago and when it was nearly finished I had to consider how to frame it.  I found an antique door that was badly distressed lying around in my husband’s furniture restoration workshop.  It was in very poor condition but I recognized that the aperture in the door was […]

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