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Speciality glass

  • Medal Frame

    My brief for this frame displaying war memorabilia was to use conservation techniques. The customer required non invasive methods of attaching the items while making it possible to be completely reversible. A conservation grade mount board was selected and most of the items were attached by the corners held by inert conservation grade plastic corners. […]
  • Japanese woodblock prints

    Japanese woodblock prints are a traditional form of art that can command high prices and are often bought as an investment. I was presented with a tryptic of images by a customer which therefore required conservation framing to preserve their fragility and value. A museum 100% cotton rag board was chosen to mount them and […]
  • Railway Memorobilia

    A customer had an assortment of railway memorabilia that required framing to accompany their collection of vintage  equipment. A moulding was selected that reflected the wood used in the equipment in the collection.  A  box was created behind the frame to create the depth required to fit the items inside. The keys were all tarnished and were cleaned […]
  • Vintage Cigarette Card Collection

    Multiple apertures were cut to house this vintage cigarettes card collection of Fire Fighters through the ages. The cards were carefully placed so they all fitted in with the best appearance. It was then  glazed with conservation UV glass to protect them for the future.
  • Memorobilia Collection of old tax discs

    A wonderful collection of tax discs was bought into me dating back through the licensing and ownership of a moped. The customer wanted a contemporary look to display all 16 discs. A multi circular aperture mount was cut in British racing green completed with an oak frame and non reflective glass.
  • Decorative cushion cover

    The customer requested this piece of textile (possibly once a purely decorative cushion cover) reduced in size and didn’t want a mount around it. This meant a fillet was used just under the edges to keep the beadwork from touching the glass. A narrow box was constructed at the back to hold the stretched tapestry […]
  • Army painting

    I do have some challenging items brought in by customers from time to time and none more so then this large piece of War Art dating from 1938. It was a cartoon of my customer’s father leaving his horse regiment in Palestine to join the newly formed tank regiment in Europe. The picture was unusual […]
  • Cat cross stitch framed in an antique door

    I started the cross stitch several years ago and when it was nearly finished I had to consider how to frame it.  I found an antique door that was badly distressed lying around in my husband’s furniture restoration workshop.  It was in very poor condition but I recognized that the aperture in the door was […]
  • “Topping out” Display

    This was an interesting commission for a metalwork company in Southampton who requested three frames for a “Topping Out Ceremony” to be held in London. The frames contained nickel plated spanners, nuts and bolts and I organised the inscription engraving on the glass. My clients were delighted with the work and gave the following review:-  […]
  • MBE

    With no colour at all the challenge was to create a prestigious look.  I used a red suede mount-board and a gold bevel edge together with museum standard non reflective glass to give prominence.

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