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  • Embroidery re-framed after poor framing undertaken previously

    Having completed this embroidery in 2008 I had it framed locally but now I wanted to reframe it to fit in with a new interior decor. In taking the frame apart I was shocked to see all the awful sticky brown tape that was used to stretch the woollen fabric of my embroidery. I started […]
  • Decorative cushion cover

    The customer requested this piece of textile (possibly once a purely decorative cushion cover) reduced in size and didn’t want a mount around it. This meant a fillet was used just under the edges to keep the beadwork from touching the glass. A narrow box was constructed at the back to hold the stretched tapestry […]
  • Antique Oriental Silk paintings

    A long journey for these Oriental silk paintings. Four silks depicting the seasons arrived in my studio in a very delicate state having already been shipped back from New Zealand. I was able to offer advice to the customer concerning their conservation before I could frame them. One had been disturbed and broken away along […]
  • Cat cross stitch framed in an antique door

    I started the cross stitch several years ago and when it was nearly finished I had to consider how to frame it.  I found an antique door that was badly distressed lying around in my husband’s furniture restoration workshop.  It was in very poor condition but I recognized that the aperture in the door was […]
  • Football memorabilia

    The challenge was how to display an extremely long child’s football scarf, football shirt and team photo in a single frame. The team in the photo were wearing yellow kit and so yellow mount board as chosen to highlight this. The extreme length of the scarf was utilised by creating a frame around the football shirt […]
  • England Youth caps

    This was an interesting project we recently completed for a client and comprised two England Youth caps. As the caps were quite tall we had to construct two boxes which were made to recess from the edge of the frame and painted black. This meant the boxes did not overshadow the main display. The caps […]
  • Sky Cycle Team signed shirt with photographs of team members

    This signed Sky cycle team shirt was won at auction and photos of the team incorporated into the suede board mount to make an impressive display. The fillets were  painted to match the team colours and it was finished in a matt black frame. The shirt was stretched over a former and given shape to […]
  • Christmas Cross stitch stocking

    An unusual cross stitch in the form of a Christmas stocking was displayed on a grey suede mount board. The stocking was kept away from the glass for conservation by the use of a hand painted fillet. 2
  • Cross Stitch

    This snowy scene required stretching and was then framed with  double mount setting it off against a washed grey frame.  The non reflective glass made the most of the stretching techniques used.

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