Having completed this embroidery in 2008 I had it framed locally but now I wanted to reframe it to fit in with a new interior decor.

In taking the frame apart I was shocked to see all the awful sticky brown tape that was used to stretch the woollen fabric of my embroidery. I started again by lacing the fabric over acid free foam core board. See photo.

I did not want a mount around the stitched picture as it had before but close framed instead with a spacer to keep the glass away from the surface of the stitches. I painted the spacer to colour match the grey frame I had chosen. I also covered the edge of the spacer with a metal tape to prevent acids from the wooden spacer leaching into the fabric. I had to add an extension to the back of the moulding so that the frame was deep enough to take the whole package. It was completed with UltraVue 70% UV protective glass to offer an anti reflective finish with the clarity to ensure I could see all the stitches I had painstakingly made.