It’s not everyday that you get an MBE to frame. This was a very precious document for the family whose father had recently passed away.

The certificate itself (see photo) is a very plain document indeed and it requires the framing to give it that air of importance. The suede mount boards are a good start as they are rich in colour and texture. To the red version of this we added a gold slip to edge the certificate and tie in with the red and gold-distressed finish on the frame. The certificate was mounted in such a way that it could be taken out again in the future if needs be in the same condition as it went in. i.e. no damaging adhesives were applied to it. See photo. Museum cotton rag board backed the certificate meaning the best protection with no acids present to leach into the paper document.

The all important glazing to add the ultimate protection for a document such as this was museum glass. 99% UV protective anti reflective and crystal clear clarity. The whole framing package was sealed before placing in the frame to protect against insects and other environmental pollutants.

A complete transformation with the ultimate protection ensures the family will be able to treasure this very special piece of memorabilia for years to come.