A Tea-Shirt collection!

During the first Lockdown back in March when we were forced to shut up shop I was able to be creative with my own framing projects. I had for some years intended to do something with a collection of teabag sleeves languishing in an envelope stuffed in a drawer.

I began making this collection after completing a 3 day trek to Machu Picchu in Peru a few years ago. I noticed our guide folding one of the teabag sleeves after our evening meal. I asked him to show me how. He gave it to me and said work it out, so I did. I began to collect the sleeves from all the different flavoured teabags we had on the trek. I’ve continued adding to these with others I had from Australia, USA, Austria, Turkey and the UK.

I used the origami technique to fold all the sleeves I had collected and decided on a layout. I choose a blue mount board as I felt this would show up the various colours the best. Depth was created by floating some rows of  the Tea-Shirts on small pieces of foam core. To keep with the colourful theme I selected 4 colours of the same moulding to make up the frame and finished it with Ultra Vue glass. It has certainly made a colourful memory for me out of what are normally throw away items. This is why framing memorabilia is a very bespoke and worthwhile part of our remit and every time it is a unique and personal memory.