Hand Made English Picture Frames available

I am now a supplier of Frinton Frames.

Their frames are hand made by a team of craftsmen in the UK.

The company has lovingly produced handmade bespoke picture frames for nearly 40 years.

Original 18th century, hand carved, box moulds are used to recreate authentic period designs. A plaster resin mix is used for the decoration which is applied to primed woood moulding. The frames are then carved and pierced by hand before the colour finishes are achieved by a series of individual processes, with many layers of hand stippling in the multiple colours required for each finish. This is followed by gentle burnishing with agate stone, before finally being sealed with a delicate application of wax.

Profiles are available from 18mm to 300mm width. Mitres are perfectly belneded on plain frames. Overmantles, Mirrors and Spandrel frames are available. There are over 300 colour finishes.Both equisite gold and silver leaf are available.

All the wood used in their frames is sourced from strictly monitored sustainable forests.


Whoopee I’m a winner!!!

Whooopee I’m a winner!!!

On Saturday, as a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, I attended the Art & Framing Industry Annual Awards and Dinner in Stratford Upon Avon. The venue was the Crown Plaza Hotel where the morning was taken up attending drop in workshops, sharing and learning framing techniques and machine maintenance. It was great to meet up with other framers in the Guild who I’m gradually getting to know. We returned to the hotel in the evening for the main event with a sit down meal and the annual awards. This year I had entered a frame in the framing challenge based on the theme “Gin.”

I was overwhelmed not only to win the framing challenge, voted for by a panel of judges at the Guild’s offices in London but also the Best in Show voted by the public who attended the exhibition at the hotel. I was delighted to collect a framed piece and a glass plaque decorated and engraved which I will proudly display in my workshop.

It also came as a surprise but I was happy to say yes to a request to serve on the Framing Standards and Qualifications Committee. This involves trips to the Guild Office in London and regular Skype sessions with the other members of the committee. It’ll involve me more with a great bunch of people working hard to keep the Guild going for all its members.


An action-packed trip Down Under

Larson Juhl (formerly Arqadia - suppliers to the picture framing industry) were kind enough to sponsor me in the form of a GB tri suit after I qualified for the World Triathlon Championships on the Gold Coast in Australia. I was then featured in Art & Framing Today, the official publication for the Fine Art Trade Guild in January 2019. The extract is below.


Art & Framing Today - An action-packed trip Down Under


Topping Out Framing and Ceremony

It’s good to see that the work I have completed in the past and then taken time to apply it to and maintain a website sometimes pays off.

A large building company in London contacted me directly as a result of seeing frames on my website created for a Topping Out Ceremony. This is traditionally when the full height of a building is reached and the framework completed. Nowadays often used for public relations purposes.

The company required 2 frames containing heavy powder coated steel constructors spanners and large nuts and bolts.
The glazing was to be etched with the text relating to the topping out ceremony presentation.
I had to make boxes to sit behind the black frames and wire in the heavy spanners and nuts and bolts. A glass company in Southampton sand blasted the text onto the pre-cut glazing and it was finally all put together only a few hours before the ceremony in London.

Fine Art Trade Guild's Annual Framing Competition 2018

We Frame It has put in an entry into the Fine Art Trade Guild's framing challenge competition of 2018

The Theme for the  competition is Gustav Klimt's iconic painting The Kiss. The entries will be judged and the finalists announced at the Art and Framing Awards in Stratford Upon Avon in May.

Nicole commented "My entry is a Klimt/Lindt Chocolate Box Selection designed to be a free standing piece in order to represent a box of chocolates. Framed to budget level due to the wide selection of materials involved in both its construction, contents and the polyester film used for glazing to create the chocolate box look.

A gold moulding was used and cut on its side to create the chocolate box. Inserted into this was a plastic biscuit tray sprayed gold and decorated with pieces from a printed copy of “The Kiss”. The chocolates were handmade made from air dry clay and painted in a Klimt style. Silicon was used to stick them in. Ultra vue glass was chosen so as to appear invisible and to carry the printed gold foil glass transfer that I designed of the Klimt/Lindt logo applied. This is held in place with a trimmed gold slip to create the edge of the box.

The chocolate box lid is double-sided, hinged and made from a waste piece of moulding. It contains on one side (the top) a printed cropped version of “The kiss” glazed with polyester film to create the chocolate box look. This is held in place with pieces of trimmed gold slip. A gold foil Klimt logo sticker which I designed was added across the corner.

On the reverse (inside) it holds a gold/black core multiple hand-cut mount. This displays 10 different famous kisses from the world of art, film, history, religion and royalty and of course Klimt “The Kiss”. Each kiss represents one of the chocolates below in the box playing on the Klimt/Lindt connection".

klimt4 klimt3 klimt2 klimt1