Custom framing is such a visual service, it is always difficult to give estimates without seeing the artwork and knowing how the customer wishes their piece to look. There is a tremendous choice of mouldings, mount boards, glazing and framing techniques to suit different applications.


A typical framing package includes….

  1. moulding to make the frame 
  2. glazing material glass or plastic
  3. A window mount cut from mount board with an aperture
  4. The artwork
  5. An under mount cut from mount board
  6. back board
  7. Framers points securing the backboard
  8. Framers tape to the reverse of the frame
  9. Appropriate hanging fittings. 

When considering your framing options you may wish to consider or ask me to advise which level  of framing would be appropriate for your artwork or memorabilia. Each of the 4 levels of framing as set out by the Fine Art Trade Guild opposite has a corresponding standard of mount board to accompany it. 


Due to the current high demand I am operating by appointment only. Please call me on 07891 321937 to book a design consultation.