A customer approached me with a challenge as she wanted to frame an old brass car horn. She had spent ages cleaning it with brasso in order to provide me with something presentable to frame. However once in a frame it would not be possible to polish it again and it would tarnish. After some research I came across Incralac which was for use on brass fittings on boats. I cleaned off any remnants of the brasso and applied three coats of the Incralac

A special deep rebate moulding was chosen that you could extend using additional slot-in extenders. This was painted with several coats of black paint. Spacers were constructed out of foamboard covered with the same black suede mount board used inside back of the box. I used the real bolt to hold the horn screwed through the back board secured with extra sewing thread as an anchor to hold it still. It was glazed with an anti reflective glass because of the black interior and the clarity required.