I made this Rubiks cube frame for the Fine Art Trade Guilds 2022 framing competition. The theme was “Back to The 80’s”.

A metal turntable is screwed to the back of the cube and the viewer is invited to spin/twist the frame around as they would do if they were trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. However, in this case the viewer travels…back to the 80’s revealing notable events from the decade as they go.

This Rubik’s cube frame consists of 21 frames made from a narrow  black matt moulding. Each frame is glazed with styrene to replicate the plastic puzzle and to make the overall construction lighter. The 9 front frames each contain an image from one year of the 1980’s. Each has a mount in a colour to match the printed year on the image and hints at the colours of the original puzzle faces.

The frames on the sides contain mount boards in different colours to replicate the puzzle colours. The frames on each of the corners are screwed together to enable them to be strong enough to be handled when spun. All the frames are then glued on and around a deep wooden box that was made for the inside.