This frame illustrates what can be achieved with a collection of objects that have sentimental value but which would otherwise just languish in a box or drawer somewhere. The frame design also makes use of a dead space in a house, as it fits on the wall above a door. 

A wide moulding was chosen but was turned on it’s side instead and routed out to create a rebate. This changed the facing width into the side (depth) and in so doing converted it into a deep moulding.

The frame was carefully constructed so as to fit the space above the door where it was to be displayed. Two of the photos show the layout of the of liqueur bottles, corks, silver shot measures, wine bottle labels and a silver cocktail mixing spoon being planned to fill the frame. The silver pieces were cleaned and treated with a liquid to prevent them tarnishing. The sides and back were lined with 2mm mirror which reflected the bottles and the light in the room. important as the frame was hung at height over a door.