Can you frame a wedding dress?

The answer is “yes” you can indeed frame a wedding dress and here is one to prove it. The customer did however have to lose several layers of the net that held out the very flared skirt of the dress in order to contain it in the frame. The dress was laid out in different ways in order to discover how best it could be displayed as I had been given a maximum frame size by the customer. A tiara and silk flowers were also to be included in the design. A bare wood, deep rebate moulding was selected and hand finished in a white wax to compliment the white dress. The dress was attached to a pale grey suede mount board and the tiara and flowers used within the arrangement of the dress. The same grey mount board was again used to cover the spacers on the inside walls of the frame to create a seamless luxury finish. Plain glass completed the look along with suitable hangings for a frame of this size and weight.